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Hello my name is Lillian Waugh, everyone calls me Lily

Get Fit, and  Stay Fit!  I am 71 years young as of 2011 and use only natural products.  I would like to welcome you to my products page.   The products that you will find in the links below I, my family, or friends are using.   They are high quality proven products that are both effective and taste great.  These products  enable our customers to achieve and sustain their health and fitness goals.

You can find a personal advise, shop at a mall, by going to all the health links.  We sell a wide range of health products, books, and tapes. If you want help to fight against your fibromyalgia, or an ebook on fighting diabetes, you are in the right place. Nutritional vitamins, body cleanse,  progesterone, testosterone creme, for Women and Men ways to purify your water, pool filtration all  natural alternative products;

These are choices you have in today's lifestyle.    

Find the Links below to health products that can really change your life.





At Native Remedies our natural remedies and herbal remedies are formulated by experts in the field of natural health and are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility


  High Quality Calcium Orotate with Magnesium Orotate - Maximum
Absorption with IntraCal  The Tasty Way to Improve Your Diet - Organic Goji Berries  Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleansing with Zeotrex




Natural Progesterone Cream Since 1996!!     

   The Original and Authentic   Bio-Identical® Progesterone brand products

Kokoro® Balance Creme For Women has been critically  acclaimed as one of  the finest natural progesterone creams on the market. We have gratefully received and posted, on our testimonials page, numerous accolades from satisfied customers and members of the medical profession. People like yourself are finding relief every day and writing to let us know how much they love our product! The benefits of natural progesterone are well documented, the quality of our cream is unsurpassed, and special discounted pricing is now available.

Why wait any longer to find out for yourself?  You can Try Balance Creme For Women Risk Free! Your purchase price, less the S/H charge will be refunded if you are not completely satisfied, so act now.  You deserve the very best!

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 Healthier Living 4 You

 Want more energy, less aches, less pain, and more sleep?  Healthier Living 4 You gives you the advice and the health products you need to succeed!

Because Health Matters

Our Categories  Are

Akaline Water, Detox Foot Bath and  Accessories, DKN VibrationExercise Machine, Heavy Metals Testing, Pool Filtration

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Good Health Naturally always seeks to bring you the highest available quality of health products, based on reliable, published research. Many of my friends have followed their proven strategies and are now enjoying dynamic changes to their lifestyle and well being. I sincerely hope you can benefit from them also.   Click on the link below for all products

Good Health Naturally




Honeyville food products

Honeyville food products have all your needs in canned food storage, cracked and mixed grains, freeze dried fruit combo, gluten free products.  Just Think  All this and More..                               Just think UPS Ground Shipping.  Wow and only  $4.49 ships your entire order state side.




Online supplier for Discount Health & Nutrition Supplements.   i-Supplements have a variety of diet Pills with Ephedra, Sports Nutrition Supplements, Prohormones on sale along with much more at everyday affordable prices.




Save on Acuvue Brand contact lenses at!

Contact Lenses Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson (Vistakon)



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Thank you for visiting my pages should you have questions we are here for you. We are always looking to bring you high quality nutritional and natural alternative products for you. Do check back for new products. The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always see your licensed health care professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.
















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